That’s the point. We were awesome once, but not now. Spain used to be the place where you could come and get a dreamed life: good standard level of living, nice people, wonderful climate, splendid beaches, mediterranean cuisine and all that great stuff which spanish people are related to. 

Let me tell you all that times are over. We’ve got the worst economic indicators in all EU (I’m sorry for greeks, I don’t take them into account). And that’s not all.. our social indicators are also worrying. 

It’s a long story, and sad too. We adopted an untenable economic growth model some years ago, following the U.S. model, which goal was to encourage domestic growth via housing. We achieved an awesome growth, but just for the time the bubble could survive. The government didn’t accomplish its tasks because they should rise interest rates and reduce government spending -they knew that was the right decision, but elections are “elections” at all – in order to cool down the bubble.

So, our lucky times are far, far away. We’ve got along the way a 24,44% unemployment rate, austerity and terrible governments (especially because they are contradictory) . I’ve been trying to dream about the old-good Spain, but I can’t get it even in dreams.

Conclusion: We’re almost Greece, but not for the moment, fortunately. I’d like to get my Spain back asap.

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