First of all, I’d like to say I’m sorry because I’ve no posted anything in a long time. But Summer is coming and the current situation is getting boring! Let’s me explain what I mean.

When Summer comes, I like to read, chill out and that stuff -by the way, I’m working on something truly exciting-. And I haven’t got any incentive to post nothing because in Europe always happens the same things: thousands of  "critical meetings for saving the eurozone". However, it doesn’t look like Eurozone is gonna survive! We’re just where we were 3 years ago.. in a depressed economy.

European politicians haven’t take the necessary measures – I think they still have no intention of doing so-. Meanwhile we’re suffering one of the most awful events, destruction of wealth. The standard living of most households has greatly reduced as our politicians are doing nothing to turn the situation around. It’s frustating, and sad, to see how the politicians who should serve the society, are doing nothing, absolutely nothing.

Things are getting worse over time – the Japanese experience in the nineties should’ve been a magnificent example. And one of the lessons learned should be: the later you act in a crisis, the worst consequences you will find out around the corner. And that’s what is going to happen: we’ve lost wealth and we will lose even more. Sadly, this seems to be our end. 


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