My holidays are over, I’m officially in Madrid. I’ve been keeping up during my holidays, however things look like usually:  Everybody talking, no one working.

Governments, Central Banks, ECB, the Fed.. all of them are saying “we’re ready to play our role” but not even one is doing that, they are just waiting.. but the question is… What are you waiting for? 

You don’t need to see how bad the things are for helping the economy. As a matter of fact, you should pay atention to the environment and when you see it doesn’t work efficiently.. you have to make whatever it needs, given you (should) know what’s at stake.

Let me explain it. Everybody here seems to be waiting for apocalypse and there’s where they’re supposed to make things work. NO, NO, NO…You’re totally wrong. You’ve to change things now, now that you still can. 

One of the most fascinating but dangerous things of economists is that we’ve the fault to furnish better standard livings, what also means happier families. But if we fail at our work, we could cause a really hard plight. And that’s what is happening during last years.

Taxes are raising up, wages are going sharply down and layoffs are the most common thing. We’re tearing wealth down, supplying a weaker and harsh economy to the world, but that’s not all. The worst things are:

  1. We didn’t need to undergo over here.
  2. We’re not fighting to turn this around.

Nowadays, households get less money and they have more bills and higher taxes to pay – and some family members have lost their job. All together means a sharp fall in Consumption and Investment, what consequently means a reduction in aggregate demand.

We would need some big stimulus to get outta here because we’re in a vicious circle. And nobody does anything about it, which is undoubtedly the worst of it.

RIDE MORE, TALK LESS. It’s for you politicians, it’s for you. 

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