Countries all over the world are going in the wrong direction. Inequality is rising faster than ever. So, We should fight for some “politics and economics fundamentals”, which lead us to a better world. That has to be our goal now, achieve a better place to live in.

The last financial crisis, the subprime of 2008, has left a huge but dangerous conclusions in the wrong hands . We’re talking about an economic – and political – crisis that can change the course of different nations. Europe is facing its worst problem, inestability; China has to find out a new growth path in the middle of a global financial crisis; and the United States should find a way to fight rising inequality. Obviously the situation is adverse, but it’s extremely important to successfully overcoming it.

For these reasons we need to invoke the legendary political spirits, who knew how to fight against the worst of circumstances. If we could make politicians understand well their power, their responsibilities and their duty, we would be on the right track to recovery. Due to this goal, we all should read K. Popper, one of the genius of contemporary philosofy. In his mammoth “The open society and its enemies” he offers us the principles of a great society.

We have to rebuild an economic and social system who doesn’t work efficiently. We’ve got too many “system failures” and we’ve demostrated our inability to resolve them. Stubborn incompetent politicans and economists are our biggest problem now. And, How to fight when you are tied? Here’s where Popper appears with his wonderful theories.

Realizing of our needs is the first step to solve the current problems, and things need to change as people need to evolve. These are some lessons not learned..

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