Let’s be clear. USA is into a big mess again, and so the world. Why? It’s all about blackmail. Republicans want to tear down the Obamacare program, which is a bigger social insurance program. 

The problem is that debt ceiling is almost reached. And it needs to be extended in order to avoid default. But the problem is that Congress has to approve it. And as everybody should know the Congress is shaped by both, Democrats and Republicans. The point here is that Republicans want us to believe they’re waging a fight against the intervention of government, but they’re actually no. Because they want government intervention when is all about bailout Wall Street and private financial institutions. They have no trouble with these interventions as long as they benefit from it. But things change when the money goes to help the less fortunate.

Nevertheless it’s true that the debt should be controlled, but United States has bigger problems than debt when they’re financing at really low interest rates. It would be better, for example, to tax the richest ones – the 1%- than embracing default. Because it means an unmeasurable hassle to the US economy, but also to China and lots of countries. 

Anyway, it’s quite sad to notice that the best example of democracy ever is being threatened by blackmail affairs. Regardless, Obama seems to have found the flawless words to describe it: “If we get in the habit where a few folks, an extremist wing of one party, whether it’s Democrat or Republican, are allowed to extort concessions based on a threat of undermining the full faith and credit of the United States, then any president who comes after me — not just me — will find themselves unable to govern effectively”.

What’s at stake is probably the future of all nations. I hope Obama does not back down with healthcare reform and continue along a rocky path but it will pay off. And I also hope Republicans reconsider it and let Obama comply with the purpose for which he was chosen.


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