THE IDEAL by G.E. Moore

“Those idealistic philosophers, whose views agree most closely with those here advocated, in that they deny pleasure to the sole good and regard what is completely good as having some complexity, have usually represented a purely spiritual state of existence as the Ideal. Regarding matter as essentially imperfect, if not positively evil, they have concluded … More THE IDEAL by G.E. Moore

G.E. Moore’s insights

The following quotation is extracted from Principia Ethica (1903), Chapter III: “Accordingly a consideration of Mill’s view that some pleasures are superior to others in quality brings out one point which may ‘help to determine the intellect’ with regard to the intuition “Pleasure is the only good”. For it brings out the fact that if you say ‘pleasure’, … More G.E. Moore’s insights


This philosophical classic, written by G.E. Moore, has revolutionized ethical studies, as well as influenced several generations of philosophers and scientists. When I first started reading Moore’s masterpiece, I found myself amazed by his mastering of dialectics. This book does, in fact, contain the most attracting beginning I’ve ever read. It starts as follows, “It … More PRINCIPIA ETHICA