Research papers

Scientific Articles and Working Papers

  1. Lööf, H. and Pérez, L. (Working Paper, 2018). Patenting Activity in the Solar Industry: How to Speed-Up the Transition to a Decarbonized Economy. Slides: here!
  2. Baum, C., Lööf, H., Pérez, L. and Stephan, A. (Working Paper, 2018). Offshoring and Technical Change: Evidence from Swedish Manufacturing. Slides: here!
  3. Berumen, S.A., Perez-Megino, L.P., and Arriaza Ibarra, K. (2016). Extrinsic Motivation Index: A New Tool for Managing Labor Productivity. International Journal of Business Science and Applied Management, 11 (1), 1-17.
  4. Perez-Megino, L.P., Hernandez-March, J., and Berumen, S.A. (2014). “La motivación extrínseca del profesorado universitario en Alemania y España: un análisis empírico”. Working Paper ICEI, WP 07/14.